DUI/DWI & Substance Abuse Services


Our program is designed to offer our clients the tools for living a fulfilling life free of addictive substances. Our outpatient services offer assistance with chemical abuse and dependency while requiring minimal interruptions of daily work and family life. Our objective is to combine the benefit of group treatment with special consideration for the need and goals of each participant in the collaborative development of an individualized treatment plan.  We aim to identify the unique needs of distinct populations including women, minorities, the lgbtq community, and persons with disabilities, co-occurring disorders, and/or a history of trauma. 

We believe that alcohol and drug addiction are diseases that our clients do not choose; however, their success will depend on their willingness to attend and participate in all education and treatment sessions as well as recommended self-help groups.


Level 1 Outpatient

We use a multi-disciplinary approach by eliciting the appropriate changes to treat alcohol/drug use disorders. Some DUI clients participate in this program, which usually includes a duration of 26 weeks.


12 Hour Education

Its purpose is to educate individuals who show early signs of alcohol/drug use disorders, among them some drivers charged with DWI/DUI.