We encourage all of our clients to attend self-help groups as part of our program to ensure that they have a support system in place once they complete our outpatient program. However we offer outpatient continuing aftercare to clients who successfully completed their program and are still in need of continued supervision and support. 

Anger Management


We offer individual and group anger management sessions.  Our anger management services focus on teaching clients how to identify triggers to destructive emotional outbursts and to build their emotional regulation skills. We work with multiple referral sources including the courts.  



We offer specialized professional counseling for gambling addiction in the individual and group setting.  Our gambling counseling uses the 12-Step Recovery model to help clients develop insight and accountability into to their gambling behavior so that they can successfully change it.

Mental Health


We offer Mental Health Evaluations conducted by specialized professional clinical counselors or clinical social workers.

USCIS/ Immigration


Our program is committed to assisting clients through difficult immigration proceedings and has multiple clinicians experienced and trained to write thorough bio-psycho social evaluations to USCIS.  Our clinicians will meet with clients and/or family members of clients as well as coordinate with immigration lawyers in order to provide detailed reports to USCIS. 

Drug Testing


We use a 10 panel urine analysis with INSTANT RESULTS